Our Services

Building &
Site Evaluation

Exhaustive Analytical Evaluation of the client’s site/building involving the owner’s operations group, architect and engineering consultants, and Capstone Construction. This entire project phrase is led and championed by Capstone Construction Group.


Through years of diverse experience, Capstone’s team fully understands the methodology to ensure a successful project. During preconstruction, we provide the following key services.

  1. Estimating – Schematic through Construction Documents.
  2. Systems Analysis
  3. Value Analysis
  4. Constructibility Reviews
  5. Purchasing
  6. Long Lead Equipment Procurement
  7. CPM Scheduling
  8. Site Logistics

Contracting &

As a General Contractor or a Construction Manager, Capstone’s mission is to take ownership to drive your project to successful completion by ensuring schedule, budget, and safety are completed to the satisfaction of the ownership team.

Design – Assist

Capstone provides expediting solutions and creative problem solving during the design phases through constructibility, construction systems analysis, and cost estimates.


We have offered owners our services as the team lead. Capstone will handle the overall program management from initial programming development all the way through the commissioning and project close-out.